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Dr. Nick grew up in Sterling Heights, MI where he received his undergraduate from the University of Detroit Mercy in Biology. Growing up he always knew he wanted to dedicate his life to educating people on what true health and healing really is. While pursuing a masters degree in biomedical sciences at Wayne State University he learned that the United States consumes 60% of the world’s drugs yet we rank 37th out of the 39 industrialized countries in terms of the health of the population. There are 25 million pills consumed every hour of every day of every week of every year in the United States. “This was a huge eye opener for me! Every class period I was bombarded with these kinds of statistics and complications people could experience if they took these different types of  medications. I realized that there is a time and place for drugs and realized that you cannot produce health by taking pills to treat disease or symptoms because this does not address the core issue and what’s really going on, it’s simply masking a problem. I wanted to study health and how to create it rather than study disease and how to treat it. This is how I discovered Chiropractic.” 

He then moved to Marietta, GA where he completed his four years in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program at Life University. During his time he was certified in two of the most advanced upper cervical techniques in chiropractic known as the Atlas Orthogonal & the Pierce Results System. These techniques use a cutting edge analysis and technology to deliver chiropractic in a scientific and reproducible manner with none of the twisting, cracking, or popping noises.


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