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Our brain controls and coordinates all messages to every cell in the body, including message of health and healing. The upper cervical complex (atlas & axis) is one of the most vital and crucial areas of the body because it's right where our brainstem is housed. Our brainstem acts as a switchboard operator and controller from the brain to ensure proper communication to the rest of the body. If this complex gets misaligned it can can put unwanted stress in this area, causing negative interference to occur, leading to multiple health problems.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic takes a specialized approach to restoring misalignments of the upper cervical complex (atlas and axis) ensuring that the bodies master communication pathways are working at 100%. Its as simple as that! Oh and did we mention that there was no twisting, cracking or popping? In fact, an Upper Cervical correction is different than most general chiropractic techniques. In order to correct this area the Doctor must be as precise and gentle as possible! So there is no guess work when we are helping you restore body balance and communication. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: Services
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