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About Next Generation Chiropractic

photo of our teamNext Generation Chiropractic is a relatively new but thriving and growing practice in Sterling Heights. Led by Dr. Nicholas Palladinelli, the team wants to do something new and different as we help people learn the meaning of true health and the value of natural healing.

We focus on upper cervical chiropractic care and functional medicine. Our approach is more comprehensive and unique to what other local chiropractic care offices offer, as we use cutting-edge analysis and technology to deliver chiropractic in a scientific and reproducible manner without twisting, cracking, or popping noises.

Establishing Our Practice,
Helping Our Community

Dr. Nick is at home as a native of Sterling Heights who returned after chiropractic college, practiced as an associate, and then established Next Generation Chiropractic in 2019 at another location. At this point and place in time, the work was through independent contracting as the practice looked to establish itself in the community. The clientele pool grew fast. Soon, Dr. Nick moved into the current space and brought on additional chiropractors, a massage therapist, and other specialists.

Providing Clients With Education and Gentle Care

The team is entirely dedicated to educating people about their health and providing comfortable corrective care instead of popping, twisting, and turning. To restore body balance and communication, we are committed to correcting the upper cervical region while being as precise and gentle as possible.

Dr. Nick always wanted it to be this way, and it is his pride and joy to see his vision fulfilled each day we welcome and care for clients in our office.

Ready to Level Up Your Health?

You deserve to feel great, so why not take that first step today? We offer various services besides the Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical adjustment technique, including functional medicine, massage therapy, pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care, thermography, and lactation consultation.

Set up a complimentary phone consultation or your first appointment. Contact us now!

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