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Meet Dr. Nicholas Palladinelli

Growing up in Sterling Heights, Dr. Nick always knew he wanted to dedicate his life to educating people on true health and the value of natural healing.

Getting on the Health-Creating Path

After receiving his undergraduate degree in state and pursuing dentistry, Dr. Nick shifted to a master’s degree in biomedical sciences at Wayne State University.

Here, Dr. Nick was astounded by the ineffective approach of mainstream medicine. For instance, the United States consumes 60% of the world’s drugs yet ranks 37th out of the 39 industrialized countries in terms of population health.

This information helped Dr. Nick realize he needed to make another change. He wanted to study health and how to create it rather than continue studying disease and how to mask it through medication.

Finding His Niche: Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Eventually, Dr. Nick discovered that chiropractic care was the natural and holistic path he wanted. His dad took him to a chiropractor growing up as Dr. Nick played hockey. Looking back, he realizes that he never got injured, which can be partly credited to chiropractic care.

Dr. Nick completed the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Life University. During his time in Georgia, he was certified in two of the most advanced upper cervical techniques: the Atlas Orthogonal and the Pierce Results System. Later, he added certifications in the Webster Technique and functional medicine.

Honing His Specialty

Dr. Nick focused specifically on the Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical adjustment technique after his wife had a car accident. The immediate relief she felt from this method was life-changing.
After receiving training and certifications for the technique at school, Dr. Nick returned to Sterling Heights and practiced as an associate under another upper cervical chiropractor. Eventually, Next Generation Chiropractic was born.

Filling Free Time With Family and Sports

When Dr. Nick is not working, he enjoys time with his wife and son. He plays golf and occasionally gets back on the ice to play hockey.

Ready to Take Your Health to Higher Levels?

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