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Prenatal Chiropractic at
Next Generation Chiropractic

pregnant mom holding childWhile pregnancy is a remarkable, life-changing time in a woman’s life, it also is frequently accompanied by various aches and pains. Safe, natural, and gentle prenatal chiropractic at Next Generation Chiropractic can help moms-to-be experience the comfortable and healthy pregnancies they deserve.

Offering an Array of Techniques

Dr. Rachel employs various gentle techniques, including Diversified, Drop Table, and
Activator. The comfortable methods she uses for pregnant women aim to address discomfort without the twisting or popping often associated with traditional manual adjustments.

The Webster Technique

Dr. Rachel is certified in the Webster Technique—a pregnancy-specific analysis and adjustment targeting the pelvis and its surrounding ligaments and structures. This technique balances the pelvis, reducing pain and discomfort and potentially decreasing the likelihood of a breech pregnancy. Balancing the pelvis optimizes the space, giving the baby room to move into the proper position.

She also ensures a relaxed experience for moms, using pillows to allow them to lie facedown throughout all stages of their pregnancy safely.

When to Begin Chiropractic Care

Our natural care can benefit you at every stage of pregnancy, and Dr. Rachel also encourages pregnant women to start chiropractic care as early as they feel comfortable, even before conceiving. By promoting balance in the nervous system and pelvis, early care can contribute to a smoother pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
However, Dr. Rachel is also experienced in assisting women who seek chiropractic care during the later stages of pregnancy, addressing specific concerns, and offering relief from pain and discomfort.

Patient Success Stories

For Dr. Rachel, it’s rewarding to see so many of her prenatal patients have more comfortable and positive pregnancies. Whether she’s alleviating a mom’s pain or determining that a baby gets into the proper birth position, Dr. Rachel loves what she does, and it shows!

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