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New Clients at Next Generation Chiropractic

We are so excited for new clients to join our family at Next Generation Chiropractic. Here’s some helpful information to help prepare you for a smooth onboarding:

Before Your First Visit: Things to Avoid

Since we do Tytron scans on the first visit, we ask you to refrain from a few things just before your appointment, as each can affect the scan results:

  • Don’t blast heat or air conditioning directly at yourself
  • Don’t consume caffeine (in the 2 hours before the visit)
  • Don’t take over-the-counter medicine like ibuprofen

Whatever clothes you decide to wear should not affect our ability to examine or complete Tytron scans. Please wear closed-toe shoes, though, and not flip-flops.

Your First Visit: Step-by-Step

While ongoing visits take between 15 and 20 minutes, as a new client, you should plan for your first appointment to take between one hour and 90 minutes.

Before you come in, you will receive a new client intake form to fill out electronically. If you do not access and complete the form before the visit, you can do it in the office when you first come in. Otherwise, when you check in, you will first get a tour from the front desk staff. Following the tour, you will have a 15- to 20-minute consultation where Dr. Nick shares information on the upper cervical and then does an examination and Tytron scans.

Directly after the exam, typically we will do some specific X-rays. Dr. Nick will analyze the scan and X-ray results before (time permitting) making an initial adjustment. You can rest after your adjustment and then head off when you are ready.

Figuring Out Finances on Your First Visit

If you pay by insurance, our front desk will take that information initially. Cash rates will be communicated by Dr. Nick during the consultation and before the examination or scans are completed.

Book an Appointment

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