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Why is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Important?

Why is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Important?

When we think chiropractor we immediately think Twisting, Cracking, and Popping! Well what if I told you there was a highly specific branch of the chiropractic profession that didn’t do any of these things! Would you believe me?

In this article we are going to talk about what upper cervical chiropractic care is and how important it can be to regain control over your health.

As upper cervical chiropractors we deal specifically with the top bone in the neck which is called your Atlas or C1 Vertebra. This area of the body houses one of the most important and crucial areas of the nerve system, the brain stem. The brain stem controls and coordinates every part of the body including heart rate, lung function and all of your brain to body communication. When this area of the body is free and clear the body tends to go into a state of ease and the body can heal the way it was intended to. The opposite may occur when this area is interfered with and the body may go into a state of dis-ease and now our bodies cannot heal the way it should.

The technique that we use in our office is known as Atlas Orthogonal and is one of the most specific techniques in the chiropractic profession. We have to come up with specific formulas that are catered to each individual differently based on how the atlas is misaligned and the brainstem is interfered with. Below is what the specific x-rays look like and how complex the formula is!

Upper Cervical X-Ray

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