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Lactation Consultant Sterling Heights

lactation specialistHey everyone! I’m Jessica, a passionate advocate for breastfeeding support and a devoted mother to a 2.5-year-old. My journey into lactation consulting was deeply influenced by my own challenges in breastfeeding.

It started with my own experience.

As a former firefighter and EMT with experience in the Emergency Department, I’ve been exposed to various healthcare scenarios, but it was my personal experience with a traumatic emergency C-section that led me through postpartum depression, anxiety, and a multitude of breastfeeding challenges. My determination to breastfeed fueled my pursuit of lactation education and support, which not only salvaged my breastfeeding journey but inspired me to become a certified Clinical and Communication Lactation Specialist. I understand the struggles firsthand and bring a unique perspective to my practice.

Finding Joy and Cherishing Each Moment

When I’m not supporting mothers and babies, you’ll find me outdoors, reveling in activities like hunting, camping, and cherishing moments with my family and friends. I’m here to empower and guide you through your own breastfeeding adventure with empathy, knowledge, and unwavering support.

We’re Here For You

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